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Title: International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert"
International Standard Serial Number: 2815-5300
Date of foundation: 2023
Founder and publisher of the journal: the legal entity "ASPECT-PRO" LTD (BULSTAT Unified Identification Code: 206917762), registered in Bulgaria, Postal Code 4000, Plovdiv, 2 Visla Street. Link to the publisher's website.
Category (type of scientific publication): Journal.
Language of publication: English, Bulgarian, Polish, Ukrainian.
Type of resource: Periodical.
Frequency of issue: 6 times a year.
Medium (format): Online (e-journal).
Online Access: https://scientific-journal.expert
Place of publication: Plovdiv (Bulgaria).
Editorial Office: Postal Code 4000, Plovdiv, 2 Visla Street.
Field of science: Social, Economic and Legal Sciences
Majors: Economics; Administration and Management; Tourism; Political Science; Sociology; Public Communications and Information Sciences; Social Activities; Psychology; Law.
The International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert" is included in the National Reference List of contemporary Bulgarian scientific publications with peer review, under the NRS ID - 4941, confirming its status as an official scientific publication.

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Our journal offers a unique platform for the synergy of ideas, knowledge, and research experience in the fields of economics and entrepreneurship, administration and management, tourism and the hospitality industry, political science and sociology, psychology and law, facilitating a global exchange among specialists in these directions.
We recognize that the interconnection of economics with entrepreneurship, the intertwining of administration with management practices, and the interplay between tourism, the hospitality industry, and cultural dynamics are critical to understanding and navigating the modern world. Similarly, the synthesis of political science, sociology, psychology, and law provides a comprehensive lens through which to analyze and influence social phenomena and policy-making.
Our publication serves as a conduit for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to share their insights, research findings, and theoretical advancements. By fostering a multifaceted discourse, we not only contribute to the academic community but also offer practical value to industries and governments seeking informed decisions.
In an era where the complexity of global challenges is ever-increasing, the siloed approach to science and research is no longer sufficient. The International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert" embodies the spirit of collaborative inquiry, bridging diverse disciplines to pave the way for groundbreaking insights and practical solutions. Our journal not only stands as a beacon of interdisciplinary dialogue but also as an incubator for pioneering ideas that transcend traditional academic boundaries.
The journal accepts articles from Doctors of Science (Sc.D.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) / Candidates of Science, young scientists (Doctoral Candidate), as well as other persons with higher education Master of Science (M.Sc.) and engaged in scientific activities. Authors should submit articles that are exclusively their own original research, in accordance with the rules of citation and reference. Submission of deliberately false information or plagiarism is unacceptable and unethical. In addition, only articles that have not been previously published in other publications will be accepted for publication.

The Editorial Board of the International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert" (link) is a reflection of our commitment to fostering a broad-based, collaborative research environment. Predominantly constituted by esteemed members of the academic community from the participating countries of our project – Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine – our board is a tapestry of expertise and dedication to scientific inquiry.

Each board member brings a wealth of knowledge and an individual cache of research experience within their specific domain and sphere of creative interests.

The collective expertise of our board ensures that the journal remains at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary research, covering a wide array of subjects and themes that are of contemporary relevance. They play a pivotal role in maintaining the highest standards of scholarly rigor, ensuring that each publication within "Expert" contributes meaningfully to the global scientific dialogue.

An integral aspect of our journal's operation is the implementation of a double-blind peer review process. This rigorous method of scholarly assessment is mandatory for every submission to the International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert". Under this system, both the identities of the authors and reviewers remain anonymous, guaranteeing an unbiased appraisal of the work based solely on its scholarly merit and alignment with the journal's standards. This foundational practice upholds the integrity of the research we publish, providing an equal opportunity for every contributor, irrespective of their background or affiliations. The meticulous scrutiny facilitated by this process ensures that the research presented within our pages is both innovative and credible, fortifying the Journal's role as a significant conduit for scientific advancement and discourse.

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