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International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert"

An online scientific publication founded in 2023 by a group of scientific enthusiasts from Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine. The publisher is the legal entity "ASPECT-PRO" LTD, (BULSTAT Unified Identification Code: 206917762), which conducts its business activities on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and is registered in the city of Plovdiv.


Integrating Disciplines: The Key to Innovative Research

The boundaries of science are continually expanding, and an interdisciplinary approach has become the foundation for modern innovation. Our journal offers a unique platform for the synergy of ideas, knowledge, and research experience in the fields of economics and entrepreneurship, administration and management, tourism and the hospitality industry, political science and sociology, psychology and law, facilitating a global exchange among specialists in these directions.
In an era where the complexity of global challenges is ever-increasing, the siloed approach to science and research is no longer sufficient. The International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert" embodies the spirit of collaborative inquiry, bridging diverse disciplines to pave the way for groundbreaking insights and practical solutions. Our journal not only stands as a beacon of interdisciplinary dialogue but also as an incubator for pioneering ideas that transcend traditional academic boundaries.
We recognize that the interconnection of economics with entrepreneurship, the intertwining of administration with management practices, and the interplay between tourism, the hospitality industry, and cultural dynamics are critical to understanding and navigating the modern world. Similarly, the synthesis of political science, sociology, psychology, and law provides a comprehensive lens through which to analyze and influence social phenomena and policy-making.
Our publication serves as a conduit for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to share their insights, research findings, and theoretical advancements. By fostering a multifaceted discourse, we not only contribute to the academic community but also offer practical value to industries and governments seeking informed decisions.
The International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert" invites contributors and readers to partake in a shared mission: to explore the interfaces of distinct fields and uncover the synergistic potential that can drive societal progress and innovation. In this collaborative space, every contribution builds upon the collective wisdom of a global network of experts, heralding a new era of research that is as diverse and dynamic as the world it seeks to benefit.

Opportunities for Academics
We offer collaboration for members of the academic community in the roles of editorial board members, invited reviewers, and scientific researchers (as authors of publications).
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Editorial Board Members
Expand Your Academic Influence
Become part of our elite team of editors who set the intellectual direction and support the academic community in cutting-edge research and publications.
As a member of our Editorial Board, you will wield significant influence in shaping the academic direction of our journal. With your specialized knowledge, you will guide the rigorous evaluation and selection process, ensuring the publication of groundbreaking research that adheres to the highest standards. By joining us, you'll collaborate with a global network of scholars, contributing to the development of a broad spectrum of disciplines.
Elevate Scholarly Standards
Peer reviewers are the backbone of academic publishing, providing indispensable critical analysis to uphold the scholarly integrity of our journal.
Your role as an expert and reviewer is vital in maintaining our reputation as a journal that publishes high-quality research works. Your critical perspective and objectivity are irreplaceable.
Your analytical skills will contribute to the excellence of our publication, refining the quality of discourse within the scientific community. This role offers you the opportunity to engage with the latest research trends and methodologies, reinforcing the journal's commitment to scholarly rigor.
Research Scientists
Drive Innovation and Discovery
Contribute to the international academic community by publishing your innovative research. We provide a platform for discussing and developing groundbreaking ideas.
As a researcher contributing to our journal, you play a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and fostering innovation. We invite you to submit your original research papers that challenge existing paradigms and offer new insights into interdisciplinary studies. By publishing with us, your work will reach a wide audience, sparking dialogue and inspiring further research within the global academic community.
For Prospective Authors
Publishing with Us: A Seamless Process
Our journal, issued bi-monthly, is an avenue for publication across a variety of languages including English, Polish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, and Russian. We offer a constructive peer-review process with a collaborative editorial team. To support the dissemination of knowledge, we do not charge publication fees for editorial board members, promoting an equitable and inclusive environment for scholars to share their work.
Building a Platform for Global Dialogue
Our commitment is to extend the boundaries of international scholarly dialogue and cooperation. Registration will ensure our journal's inclusion in the list of peer-reviewed academic publications in Bulgaria with an assigned ISSN, significantly increasing its reach and scholarly impact. We aim to serve the global academic community by offering a reputable platform for the exchange of ideas and research across continents and cultures.

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