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Publication conditions

Guidelines for Writing an Article
The journal accepts articles from Doctors of Science (Sc.D.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) / Candidates of Science, young scientists (Doctoral Candidate), as well as other persons with higher education Master of Science (M.Sc.) and engaged in scientific activities. Authors should submit articles that are exclusively their own original research, in accordance with the rules of citation and reference. Submission of deliberately false information or plagiarism is unacceptable and unethical. In addition, only articles that have not been previously published in other publications will be accepted for publication.

To publish an article in the journal, the following steps are required by April 14, 2024:
1. Fill in the author information (link).
2. Upload (attach) the author-prepared article and Manuscript Submission Form (link) in this ARTICLE SUBMISSION APPLICATION service.
3. Await confirmation to the author's specified email about the acceptance of the article for publication.
4. Proceed with the payment of the necessary editorial fees for the publication placement (link).
Language of publications: articles in English, Bulgarian, Polish or Ukrainian are accepted for consideration.
The article should have the following structure:
- UDC index (link);
- Full name of the author(s);
- Academic degree, academic title, position, place of work or study;
- ORCID and/or researcher ID;
- Surname, name of author(s), place of work or study;
- Article title;
- Abstract and keywords;
- The text of the article;
- List of sources used is given at the end of the article.
In the case of composing the scientific research (article) in a language other than English, the details provided here in the original language must also be submitted in an English version.
The text of a scientific article should contain the following mandatory elements:
1. Problem statement and its relevance.
2. Analysis of the latest researches and publications on which the author relies to consider this problem and approaches to its solution. At the same time, the unresolved parts of the general problem studied in the article should be highlighted.
3. The purpose of the article.
4. Presentation of the main research material.
5. Conclusions.
6. References
References must be made in the Romance alphabet in APA style (APA Style Reference Citations).
References should be given in the text in square brackets, with the page number of the source indicated: e.g., [5, p. 34] or [6, p. 64; 10, p. 114].
Please note:
- references to sources of statistical data are mandatory;
- references to researchers' publications are obligatory;
- the number of references to textbooks, manuals, and journal articles is limited to two;
- references to your own publications are allowed only in cases of extreme necessity;
- the works of authors whose names are mentioned in the text should be included in the list of references to this article and should be appropriately referenced in the text of the material;
- references to Internet resources should lead directly to the specified document;
- all sources cited in the list of references should be appropriately referenced in the text of the article.
The article must include an abstract and keywords in the original language of the publication and in English, if the original version is not in English. The length of each abstract should be at least 1500 characters without spaces. The number of keywords/phrases should be at least 5 positions. If there are any problems with the accuracy of the translation, the editorial staff can help to solve them.
The text of the abstract should be concise, clear, free of secondary information, and give a precise and objective idea of the main essence of the article. It should not contain results that are not presented or substantiated in the main text of the article. The abstract should not contain abbreviations or quotations. The abstract should state the purpose of the article, briefly describe the author's contribution to solving the scientific problem under study, define the scientific novelty and practical significance of the results obtained, and present the main conclusions of the study.
Technical requirements: article length – from 8 to 20 pages, A4 format (297 x 210), margins: 25 mm on the left, 20 mm on the right, top and bottom, typed in Microsoft Word. The entire text of the article, bibliography, abstracts, etc. should be in Times New Roman font, size – 14 pt, line spacing – 1.5 pt.
If the article contains tables, formulas, and/or figures, they should be compact, have a title, be in Times New Roman font, and be 12 pt. The size of tables and figures should not exceed the width of the page. Mathematical formulas should be carefully checked and clearly presented.
Formulas should be typed using the Formula Builder (internal formula editor in Microsoft Word for Windows). The number of tables, formulas, and figures should be minimal and appropriate. Figures and tables on landscape pages will not be accepted.

Submit Your Research
To submit a scientific article, it is necessary to fill out the registration form and submit an author's research paper formatted in accordance with the publication requirements.

Step 1: It is necessary to download the "Manuscript Submission Form" in Word format (for electronic completion) or in PDF format (for manual completion). Fill in the mandatory information specified in the form and sign it personally (if there are more than one authors of the article, one person - the "Corresponding Author" - can sign for all co-authors). Afterward, send a scanned version of the "Manuscript Submission Form" in PDF format along with the scientific article through the online form "ARTICLE SUBMISSION APPLICATION" (Step 2) or to
Download the form in WORD format
Download the form in PDF format

Step 2: Please, after completing your personal and contact details in the "ARTICLE SUBMISSION APPLICATION," upload the required documents for your submission as follows: first, upload your scientific article in Word format, and then, using the same button ("Add files") for the next file, upload the "Manuscript Submission Form" in PDF format.
Submitting this application implies agreement with the article publication rules of the International Interdisciplinary Scientific Journal "Expert". By sending this application, the author expresses their intention to publish the article and confirms that the work is formatted in accordance with the journal's requirements.
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